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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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they were yelling at everybody. get out. >> it burns fast and dangerously close to homes. a very tense situation as firefighters scramble to control a brush fire. the fight didn't end there. the crews battled another fire near a popular golf course. good evening. >> two wildfires simultaneously just miles apart.
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they stretched resources as firefighters tried to keep up. here's where it happened. the first one burned in the hills of t hills. >> we begin with nanette. >> no cause has been determined yet but a very close call hear in the south san jose neighborhood. this time no homes burned. in these ultra dry conditions, crews are wondering how much longer before their luck runs out. fire crews will be manning the area until morning to make sure hot spots don't flare up. that's the last thing they want. the fair began around 1:30 this afternoon. wind gusts combined with dry gusts, exacerbated for the drought. made for a dangerous situation. as the flames billowed past. her mom was not listening to
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evacuation orders. >> you need to evacuate right now. the house might burn down. >> but mom was in the middle of a lunch party and refused to evacuate. >> she said mom, you have to go. i said i'm not going yet. we haven't had dessert. >> about a dozen people livinger in a there were told to run. many didn't have time to grab much. >> we have to get out of here in five minutes. wave got some dogs. it was a little harrowing the fair scorched 125 acres in all. firefighters had a tough time considering the heat, the weight of the equipment and rugged terrain. two firefighters were sent to the hospital and treated for injuries. arrest today, the worry begins about the long fourth of july weekend. >> aware adding companies during peak hours. hopefully they'll be enough of a de ternlt not to you'dize personal fireworks. >> they want to remind everyone
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that fireworks are illegal in san jose. he is urging folks to chasm one of three responseored fair works shows in san jose. >> thank you. not just the residents but also, the thousands walking by. this time lapse video showing how quick those flames and smoke spread. families were forced to evacuate. they are back home but like other communities, they are fearful about the continued fire danger during the drought. >> reporter: the families on the south side of the hill had jut minutes to 11 their homes. they were told to get out now. >> there was a loud helicopter road. >> they enjoyed the view
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overlooking silicon valley until afternoon. all they could see was the fair coming close. >> i came out here and it was just smoke. >> she was getting ready for work. >> i had no idea. i looked for, yeah, we got the pets and got out of here. >> as the fair cemetery out, the my husband was hear watering down the fence line. and they told him you need to leave. >> santa clara deputies and firefighters alerted the family. when they left, it was about 50 yards from their property loin. we used to sheriff's department to assist. it is tough. we are having to get the apparatus down the roads. >> luckily the winds shifted east and away from the homes.
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firefighters crews used the family pool to protect their home so they will be able to enjoy the view from their backyard tomorrow firefighterscy a do home were vaektd. they're happy that none of the structures were destroyed. >> thanks. sex miles from that fire, anotherer in a the los lagos golf course. it was burning near the fifth hole. it burned about four acres. the back nine stayed open during the entire firefate with golfers still playing. some golfers went rate on through. firefighters are hoping today it is not a sign of what is to come. fires breaking out today on a sweltering day around the bay area.
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unfortunately, we there is no hope of rainfall in the next two and a half months. we're in that dray smell. temperatures reached near 100 degrees in all those locations. the good news, it is caller with you it is still warm. the humidity is increasing primarily because we have this onshore wind coming in throughout san francisco, oakland, palo alto. a cooler wind coming in from the west. rest. above 1,000 people 5 to 20,000. we had that hot weather with 106 in dublin. we'll let you know if it will
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hit that hot coming up tomorrow. >> okay. thank you. the thick smoke from the fares. check these out. we want to satisfy your photos or bills that you catch. ic another you can twaed us if you lake. >> he was killed at a san francisco play ground. his family members are hoping police can track down the people responsible. here's the story. >> reporter: san francisco police are following into 48 afternoon's shooting. eave long term are saying, to have it happened in day late while the victim is playing with children is attach.
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balloons, and a couple at a wolts of liquor. where aaron calloway said it was about two clock, he was playing dodge ball. part of his job with the summer program, as he thank you the ball they just start. >> they said he was trying to turn his life around after getting out from behind bars. >> he had got us our jobs. he told us, be girly. you told us to be us and don't let anybodyra inwhat we have tad. tad. >> she brings her son to football practice. >> they're pretty smart and protective.
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>> sheryl also came to the park with her son. she appreciates the extra police protection but believes her extra protection comes from another source. >> it is called prayer. you come out of your house every day praying. it could happen anywhere. it don't matter where you're at. >> and polinbc bay area news. pride weekend in san francisco was mostly a successful there were a few problems. among them, a hate crime. two women are recovering after being bealen on saturday night. police say 5 men attacked east bay women as they walk on ninth street. police want to look at any video that might help. three weee mayor is delayin investigation into her car crash. it happened earlier this month
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in east oakland. the video shows the aftermath. the other driver claims mayor quan was on her cell phone and ran a red light. they said she has not been able to work and the delay in getting her financial information is help quaunl faye. we raexd out to the player's office and tell us she is working to move that process along. >> give your paycheck goes from $8 an hour to $9 an you are. in 2016 it will raise to $20 an hour. voters will decide in november whether to increase it to $15. in san jose, it is at 10.15 an
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hour. >> it is just ynd anythi-- hear mother from two of the victims. >> a local company sounds the alarm on international cyber attacks. the sophisticated trick hackers are using and how it could impact us all. >> a routine exam that many women dread.
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a concord teacher accused of inappropriately touching students on trial this week. the case is also shining a light on a weakness in protecting children in school. despite mandatory reporting laws, school staff members don't always call police. jean has more on the family fight to strengthen those protections. >> reporter: that concord teacher is behind bars here. and only the the mother of two alleged victims says that the school's principal had called police in 2006 when teachers started voicing concerns about this teacher. things would be different. >> going to court and seeing the person that hurt your child is justsomething, i just can't describe. >> tina jones is attending the trial of joseph andrew martin.
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a teacher from woodside elementary school in could be cord. martin taught two of her boys in fifth grade. he was a favorite teacher and a favorite friend. >> i give him the baby clothes. he would send home baked goods with may son. always making may son be the one to come to his class ram to pick them up. >> according to court documents, concord police began investigating the elementary school teacher for inappropriately touching assistants in april 2013. jones says police called her family. >> through the course of the interviews, 20 plus felony counts came out for both my children. >> martin is facing want 50 counts of lewd acts with a child under 18. court documents say there are 14 victims. martin's attorney says his client is not guilty. >> aware trying this case on a mass hysteria theory.
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a spark starts a talk and the gossip spreads. >> as the facts are debated in court, the jones and other families are that you are is aing civil it's a, reporting that teachers started reporting him in 2006 but the principal reportedly did not call police. and marriage remajor in the class ram. >> we have to make changes. i think the statute of limitations, harsher punishment for those that don't report. >> changes she is fating for. there is legislation related to this shia. the bill would require people renewing a credential to read and sane the imagineder to requirements. jones says it .
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a campus assume visor has been charged with sexually becausing a student. livermore police say jason sexually because ad 14-year-old team assistant at the livermore valley charter school. officers say this happened between 2010 and 2011. he had worked for the school since 2005. comprehensive immigration reform. president obama was blasting house republicans for their inaction in this growing problem. the president will now step in. >> i take executive action only when we have a serious passion. and congress chooses tad nothing. >> the senate passed the ill dwrak reform bill last why not but it has decided not to vote on it. the president says the sudden surge of undocument children arriving at the border is a sign
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that something needs to be done. among changes he'll redistribute the staff to southern border. especially in texas. an historic decision from the supreme court. and a blow to the affordable care act. the hey court ruling that family own companies like lobby lobby, a national chain of craft stores, can rebecause the to provide insurance coverage for some on religious grounds. house democratic leader nancy pelosi says women should not be forced to jump through extra hoops to get the health coverage they need. it is a controversial recommendation. routine check-ups with a gynecologist don't need to include annual pelvic exams. a guideline issued by a prominent doctor's group which says they don't benefit most healthy women and do nothing to reduce deaths. not all doctors agree. the new york recommendations aren't binding to insurers. women who want to continue with the pelvic exams will be allowed
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to do so. russian hackers are behind massive cyber attacks aimed at new companies. in many countries they have fallen victim. most were in the oil and gas industry. hackers were able to seize control of the company's computer system by infecting innocuous websites like an online menu for a chinese restaurant. they've been able to get inside the computer network. the motive behind the attacks, old-fashioned industrial espionage. time to hand things over to our meteorologist. it is dangerous heat. >> assumer hot today. well would have average. anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above normal. livermore, 106 degrees. that likely means a lot of your car thermometers today which do tend to read hotter probably hit 110. walnut creek, 104.
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even in the south bay, 101. do you think this was likely a record? not good enough. actually the record astonishingly enough was set back in 1972. nonetheless, more than 20 degrees above average. it is beginning on come across. we'll be in for some cooling changes by tuesday, wednesday and also on thursday. you can see the areas have cooled off in the 50s and 60s. 61 in the north bay and a few clouds. a little breezy. winds out, some high clouds capping off some of the heat. we'll flip it over to the tri-valley. that's where temperatures are the warmest. currently at 73 degrees. with this extremely hot and dangerous heat we had for today,
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many of you are wondering how much longer will this last. you will see a key change that will begin for tomorrow. we had high pressure offshore. a the love hot air indicated by the trends on the map. as we head into tomorrow's forecast, you will find that area of high pressure is beginning to scoot off the south and east. that is gradually going to step down those temperatures. not only for tuesday's forecast but as we head throughout wednesday as well. so let's get a look at that forecast. what you're going to find, instead of widespread 90s. we'll to go 80 in san jose. a lot more comfortable. you can see in the extreme south bay, up to 92 degrees. what you'll final here is some cool weather. 62. foster city, 76. we'll still step it up in palo alto but we'll be out of the 90s. san francisco at 68. go to some of the hotter areas.
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also the mission. you will find some warmer weather there around 70 degrees. we'll take you to the north bay east bay. napa, 87 degrees. sausalito, 71. for the east bay, pretty quickly by the time get to oakland. for the tri-valley, warmest weather here. we're looking for people in in livermore. you can see san jose, the numbers continue to go down. low 80s for wednesday, thursday and 48. if you're honing in on 48, not only some nice weather. a lot more enjoyable but check it out. for the fair works we're looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a little bit of fog in san francisco. i think at this point if you're heading to san francisco, you shbl able to see that. >> we are ready to go for 48 night. still ahead, some hopeful
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49ers fans trying to get into a game. here's a clue.
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you. don't worry, they'll be back on yahoo!. the creator and the cast have signed on for another 13 els so you can watch them this fall. els will be released online every week. >> the hottest ticket in town is sold out. there is another way to catch a game. the 49ers announcing that they sold all of their season ticket packages. a move that was not unexpected. 1500 tickets will be made available to nonseason ticket holders every game. the first one in august 17th against the broncos.
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>> henry wofford joins us next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. a's get some very good news on josh reddick.
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he will not need surgery on his injured right knee as his mri showed no structural damage. he said reddick will rest for a week with no baseball activity. all right. a's and tigers series opener. 2-want a's. here's a story about a man named jed. lowry, the a's up 3-3. same score. shawn doolittle walked austin jacket. reach out and touch someone. that will break the a's heart. walk off grand slam to left. tigers win 5-4. with nba free agency now officially underway, today i spoke with warriors guard clay thompson's father michael thompson. he said clay is not on the trade talks. however, he would not be surprised if a trade happens
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involving his son. he is often involved in trade rumors because you have to give up quality to get quality. the americans welcoming back a star as they prepare for their knockout match against belgium tomorrow. jozy altidore injured his left hamstring in the first match against ghana. round of 16 action. germany's player converts a gorgeous goal. he uses the heel to flip it past the keeper and give germany a lead. however, germany goes on to win 2-1. they will face france in the quarterfinals. while giants first baseman brandon belt was on a rehab assignment in san jose, he met a 12-year-old beautiful little girl, a cancer survivor, when
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she threw out the first pitch of the game. belt promised lindsey he would hit a home run for her. and yes, he delivered on that promise. >> made me forget about it all. that's how amazing it was. i just went to the san jose giants game. >> lindsey got to keep the home run ball which he signed. best of luck. >> belt went 3 for 3 with another home run as the rehab continues. more news right after the break with the great rathje mathai.
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welcome back. you can see much cooler tomorrow from 106 today down to 94. and comfortable weather for the north bay with 87 degrees. it looks great for the fourth of july by 48. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ricky gervais, ansel elgort, musical guest miranda lambert, and featuring


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